What is Open Mind Zen?

Open Mind Zen is a unique community of lay Zen practitioners, supporting one another as we travel the Way. Our practice is rooted in the traditional school of Japanese Soto Zen Buddhism. From this tradition come a number of long-standing training methods such as sitting meditation (Zazen), Koan practice, and Dokusan (one-on-one interactions between student and teacher).

These traditional practices are supplemented with a number of modern practice methods that are designed to make Zen practice more accessible to the modern, American student.

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Our Teachers

The Dayton school for Open Mind Zen is led by Dave Jitsusan Vititoe. Dave is a Lay Monk and Dharma Holder (Hoshi) in the Open Mind Zen school. He is an active member of the Lay Zen Teacher’s Association.

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Our Practice

Open Mind Zen, Dayton, is a lay practice that encourages students to view their everyday lives as their practice. Zen practice is the crucible through which life gives us endless opportunities to grow as individuals, to aid others in need, and to care for our planet.

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First Time Visitors

Everyone is welcome at Open Mind Zen, regardless of your level of experience in Zen practice. For those who have limited or no experience with meditation, an orientation session is recommended. The orientation sessions ...

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